About “Vinsent, Kim”


Vinsent, Kim (Min Kyoon, Kim)

I’m a 3d envirnment designer. Based in Seoul, South Korea.
Nomaily use 3ds max, Zbrush, Substnace, Quixel, Unreal engine4, Photoshop program.

I works with various people sometime work in a company and artist

I like to say that I have no style.
The focus of my work is brand strategy for cultural and commercial clients who value the power of design.
I identify and clarify core institutional values and create innovative, experiential, participatory and
visually-dynamic ways to engage key audiences worldwide.
My intellectual and creative conviction is that thoughtful design can make an essential contribution
to every level of cultural discourse.

Every work you see on my blog is the result of create to my brain
It might sound simple when written down. but it’s the basis of my work